Infused with Essential Oils, Pure Nile River Blue Lotus oil, Gemstones and Rose of Jericho essence; Lotus Mimosa Vibrational  products help to bring your environment into harmony with your Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions. Activate the universal and personal energies that promote harmony, peace and personal healing. Neutralize negative, overpowering and over exposed energy immediately while encouraging happy feelings, joyful outcomes, positive communication, unconditional love and solidarity. 

Lotus Mimosa Blended Essential Oil



    For beautiful, healthy, nurtured skin at every age, SacredMe skin and hair care products are created to embellish the youthfulness and beauty already there, promoting, maintaining, revitalizing, and enriching one's most cherished Sacred Temple: the SacredMe. However, we are more than just an organic and natural beauty product website. We are powerful, compassionate, healing women that have made women’s wellness and nature/natural healing for women and children as well as our planet and all living species and allies our top priority. We welcome you home and into the family of SacredMe for the love of “SELF” and the “WE.” 

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